Jackie Fast

Managing Partner

Jackie is former founder and CEO of Slingshot Sponsorship – one of the most successful sponsorship agencies in the world. She forged a career creating collaborations from the ground up and has worked with every major brand and artist including Red Bull, Hyundai, Sir Richard Branson, Elton John, Prince, HSBC, Shell, The Rolling Stones, Coors Light, Toshiba, Allianz, and many more.

As an entrepreneur herself she provided a 1000x return after exiting her first business after just 6 years.

She currently acts as an executive consultant to the industry and is an active thought leader, specializing in monetizing rights and brand collaborations. She can regularly be seen leading the space through content including keynotes, television, radio, podcasts, and has written two bestselling books on the subject of commercializing collaborations and leadership.