It is not as simple as deciding to start the next billion-dollar tequila company – you need the power of a strategic sales & marketing team behind the creative idea.


Strategic sourcing

We explore passion points to evaluate product collaborations that are truly reflective of what you love. This is the only route to true success in the fatigue of influencer ads. We are not in the business of flogging the next hot sauce.

Passion Points

The future of products is driven by genuine passion – you have to truly believe in what you are backing. In order to identify this, we work hard to uncover what makes you tick. Following a personal in-depth audit we also assess the market and your key network to strategically identify what product sectors work for you and your brand.

Product Sourcing

We are at the forefront of product innovation across diverse sectors ensuring that the products that align with your passion points are cutting edge and game-changing. We source this through our connections, university involvement, board advisors, and game-changer network to find hidden products and talented product teams to collaborate with.

Due Dilligence

To ensure that a long-term partnership can be built and as part of the business planning we will undertake, we will do due diligence on:

  • Financials
  • Supply chain management
  • Product testing
  • Market testing (including focus groups against target audience)
  • Product teams


With over 20 years of experience in high level negotiations we can deliver a positive transaction that meets your overall objectives whether you are are looking for an equity deal as part of your involvement as a brand ambassador or discounted terms for your investment.

Sales & Marketing

Securing the right product and product team is important, but without a strong sales and marketing team to support, it just becomes another fad. To ensure your product doesn’t get lost in the clutter, we will actively manage the new IP including project/campaign management, budget, briefing and delivering branding and advertising agencies to ensure a seamless launch.

Value Add

Rather than get bogged down with details, we will oversee your involvement and work as part of your talent management team to spot additional opportunities to drive the collaboration further including supporting events, PR and press. This ensures you can continually drive value to the project without having to be personally involved in the day-to-day management of your partnership.

Slide Background
“I’m not a Businessman, I’m a Business, Man”

“I’m not a Businessman, I’m a Business, Man”

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