Preparing For The Worst, But Make It Fashion

How JUDY is revolutionizing emergency kits in America

The world is changing at an alarming rate with more people experiencing natural disasters. Whether it is a fire, flood, hurricane, or pandemic – the sad fact is that the majority of homes (60%) are not at all prepared. And why would you be? No one wants to think about the worst.

Imagine the thought of having to painstakingly do all the research and then individually buying all the necessary supplies. That is daunting enough, but what if you got it wrong?

Personally, I’d much rather be scrolling through Net-A-Porter.

What JUDY does is revive a boring subject (emergency preparedness) with a cool approach, spot on branding, a memorable name, and a host of celebrity endorsers and friends (many of whom are on the cap table) to get the nation more prepared. When JUDY launched it surprisingly made Oprah’s Favorite Things 2020 List which historically has been reserved for apparel and beauty brands. But unsurprisingly she loved it so much, she not only featured it, but invested into the company.

Co-founders Simon Huck (Command PR) and Joshua Udashkin (Rimowa) are the perfect team to take this company all the way – so don’t be surprised if it becomes a household name sooner than you can order one of the JUDY safes. With a total potential market of $28bn, expect big things to come.

And if you happen to be in America, you can catch Simon Huck and JUDY on QVC.

What I love about JUDY is that it makes a difficult discussion topic easy and accessible. So if you are wanting to get something truly unique this year, that may also save their life – look no further. And be sure to thank me later!

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